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At last count, I tallied more than 700 casinos and sportsbooks on the Internet. That’s heavy competition for your gambling dollar. And the good news is that judi bola a popular casino is pulling all the stops with special bonuses and incentives designed to lure you inside their virtual doors. So let’s take a look at some of the best sign-up bonuses, special offers, incentives, and comps online casinos are dishing out and see who’s offering them. You might be surprised just how sweet some of these deals are.

Click for $20 Free Chips

If you’ve surfed the Net, chances are you’ve seen an advertisement offering “$20 FREE CHIPS!” But are these chips really free? Yes and no. Before you get your free chips you usually need to deposit cold, hard cash into your account — typically $50 to $100 will do the trick, sometimes less. Then, once you’ve received your free chips you’ll have to play them before you can hit the cashier. This restriction keeps unscrupulous types from making a deposit, getting their credit, and then immediately cashing out. Fair enough. So where can you go for free chips? You can start with InterCasino, a reputable operation and one of the leaders in online bonuses.

They offer $20 in free chips on your first deposit of $20 or more. Also, check out Sands of the Caribbean who will give you $25 in free chips for the first deposit of $150 or more every two weeks. That’s up to $50 a month, every month. Finally, Omni Casino offers both the $20-for-20 sign-up bonus and the $25-for-each-150 deposited per month. A couple of other sweet deals can be found at Global-Player who offers $30 free chips on a minimum $1 initial deposit, and Vegas USA offering $30 on a minimum $5 initial deposit. And William Hill Casino will match your first deposit of $25 with another $25. If sports betting is your vice, chips don’t get any freer than at The Big Book and Casino. They’ll give you $20 worth of free wagers in their sportsbook just for registering. There’s no initial deposit needed and no strings attached. As always, see their website for details.

20% Sign Up Bonus

One of my favorite online offers is the 20% sign-up bonus on initial deposits. I know one gambler who makes large deposits to casinos offering these promotions, plays just enough blackjack — following strict basic strategy, of course — to be eligible to withdraw his money, then cashes out. I guess that’s one way to get an edge on the house! One recommended casino offering a 20% bonus on initial deposits is CasinoOnNet. It’s a good deal — especially when you factor in the high quality of CasinoOnNet’s gaming software and their wide selection of games. As usual, the 20% bonus on your initial deposit can’t be cashed out until you’ve wagered an amount equal to the bonus. Another casino offering a 20% bonus is Roman Casino. If you shop around you may be able to find more sign-up bonuses in the 20% range. It wouldn’t surprise me if competition drives bonuses even higher. But don’t rely solely on the size of the incentive when deciding which online casino to play. Make sure the quality of the games is up to par and the casino has a good reputation. You don’t want to get stuck with a fly-by-night operation that won’t cough up your money when you hit the big one — there are a few of those out there.

Join Our VIP Club

Whether you call them VIP rewards, preferred player prizes, or comps, they amount to the same thing: Spend enough time playing serious money at a casino and they will reward you with certain perks. The Sands of the Caribbean has one of the best-preferred player programs in the online wagering business. Their multi-tiered program offers bigger and better rewards the more you gamble. Here’s how it works. Wager $7,500 during any month and The Sands will put you up for free in Las Vegas, Orlando, or Puerto Vallarta. If your total wagers exceed $50,000 in any given month, you’ve earned five nights accommodation in Hawaii. For you big rollers, if your total wagers exceed $350,000 or more in any given month, then you’ll stay free for up to 7 days and 6 nights each year for the next 5 years at your choice of 27 destinations worldwide. (Note: The Sands continues to expand the VIP offers, so check in to see the latest.) The Sands’ sportsbook, WWTS, has a similar preferred player program with slightly different betting levels. Again, see their website for details.

You Can’t Lose

I’ve saved the best online offer for last. Can you imagine a casino that lets you keep your winnings but will give you back your money if you lose? Well, I’ve found three of them: Winning Worlds Casino, Goldrush Online Casino, and King Tut’s Casino. Here’s the deal: Deposit up to $50 into your account. If you lose any money during the next 24 hours you’ll get a refund of the entire amount lost. Your refund can be withdrawn immediately or you can use it to continue playing in the casino. Casino Cabaret used to offer a similar promo and I found them good to their word. The bottom line is that wherever you choose to play online you should expect some kind of freebie or bonus. But always read the fine print for details and check around to make sure the casino is reputable. If you have a bad feeling in your gut, move on.


Viola Bonfiglio is fond of playing casino games both online and offline. When not playing, Viola loves to write while drinking coffee. She also owns some micro business across Atlanta.

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