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The History Of Casino Roulette

The History Of Casino Roulette

Casino Roulettes have become a basic game in casinos and it is one of the most recognized casino games there is. As to where and when the game originated exactly, it is still unclear. But, there are various theories and stories that suggest of its probable origin. These are just notions of the game’s derivation, and are not exactly accepted as its genuine origin.

The first theory that suggests of its origin is the theory that it was Blaise Pascal, who created the game. According to historians, the French Scientist had documented a game that he created in 1655. The story goes that Blaise Pascal was inspired by the games that he witnessed in his first tour in a casino in Paris during his monastic retreat. Soon, he decided to create a casino game of his own, hence the Roulette.

The second theory includes a French monk. This theory is not basically anchored on a certain document, but word of mouth suggests that the Roulette was introduced in the monastery by this unnamed French monk to break the monotony that is present in monastery life. Later on, the game was introduced outside by the monks and then it was brought to Paris.

The third theory that indicates its origin includes another French monk. The difference in this theory from the second theory is that this French monk invented the Roulette by patterning it upon a traditional Tibetan game. The Tibetan game requires the object to assemble 37 statuettes representing animals into a magical number square of the number 666. Apparently, this Tibetan came from China but documents that record the procedure of the game is non-existing. Hence, the mysterious Tibetan game is not a strong benchmark for the contemporary game of roulette. But, the said French monk who created the game have established a certain rule on transposing the 37 statuettes to the numbers 0 to 36 and assembling them randomly in the rim of the revolving wheel.

Another less known theory suggests that a Frenchman by the name Francois Blanc created the wheel after selling his soul to the devil. The devil’s connection to the little wheel is indicated in the sum of all the numbers in the wheel which is incidentally 666. But, this theory is basically based from a legend, and is not supported by concrete evidence.

It is difficult to evaluate these four theories and decide which one is the most probable, but upon close examination, a common denominator in the theories exists. The three theories minus the last one, all suggest that the game was created in a monastery somewhere in France. Assuming that the game did in fact originate in a monastery seems to be a reasonable conjecture. Historians are also open regarding the idea that Blaise Pascal was the actual monk inventor.

Roulette is one of the popular game that situs slot online provides to their players. The players who play this game will get timely bonuses and good amount of the winning as the rules are easy. This proves to be a good option for the players who are the beginners in the world of the gambling.

The term Roulette means “Small Wheel” in French, which is actually a supportive fact that suggests that the game did come from French. The game has been popular in France since its emergence in 1765. However, the game is suggested to have parallelisms to the games “Roly Poly”, “Even Odd” and “Ace of Hearts” all of which are English games. There are certain ideas that these are the game’s real ancestors. Italian games called “Hoca” and “Biribi” are also other contenders.

The dissected probable origins of the game roulette will be difficult to find an end, since they are all just theories and speculations. But when it comes to recorded evidence of the game’s introduction to the society, there are documents that roulette appears in the 18th century. Just like most recorded evidence of other games, Roulette’s recorded evidence appears in an archive that suggests its prohibition. In other words, roulette used to be banned in certain areas. One document appears in “New France”, which is commonly known today as Canada. The document includes a decree that is dated 1758, specifying that the game is prohibited from being played in their community. No one is allowed to play “dice, faro, hoca and roulette”. Another older document includes a decree that bans the game. This one appears in 1745, the earliest mention of the game in archives. It is under an English Act 18 Geo. II.

When it comes to the history regarding how it arrived in the United States, a lot of researchers agree that it was brought by the French immigrants during their settlements in the lower States such as New Orleans and Louisiana. These French immigrants introduced the game to the first American casino that was built in 1800 in New Orleans. It instantly became viral because of the great waging system and entertainment. Since then, all subsequent established casinos have included Roulette as one of the most iconic and basic casino game. Today, roulette has made its way to online games and even mobile.

Fundamental Features Of Playing Roulette Game

Well, roulette is one of the most liked casino games of all time. The game completes its work with simple rules but a genuine excitement for players.

A unique gambling experience can be achieved with roulette games since the rules to play the game is straightforward. Understanding the game is not rocket science.

If you want to begin your journey with gambling, then this game is perfect. A table is there with the different pockets and in different colours of numbers.

The central role is played by a ball in which you have to spin the wheel and wait for the result. It is pretty popular on scr99id due to separate reasons. To pay attention to those important reasons, here you go with some of them –

  • Reach the table easily

First, when you compare the table of roulette games at the physical casinos, the most annoying part is the shape. It will be hard to reach all sides if you play alone. The table is typical enough to make a bet.

Undoubtedly, to play the games with proper relaxation needs some time. It is good to go with online casinos because you can play with freedom as there are no crowded stuck near. There will be no counter for the tickets. Definitely, the online casinos care a lot for the players to provide convenience and freedom.

  • Play at your pace

The next feature is to play at your own pace. If you compare the brick-and-mortar casino, players are definitely forced to play at speed. Suppose if they want to grab a cup of caffeine or some snacks through the game, they cannot do so.

Off-line casino means they cannot miss anything once they have a switch on the table. But players who accept the online convenience can take their afternoon nap. After that, it is up to them how they want to spin the bowls and for how many hours they want to play the game.

  • Cheaper commute

Here comes the next feature. Players can go for the shorter and cheaper commute. At physical casinos, people almost forget about the time and money they can indulge in playing roulette games.

But online casinos take responsibility because you play at home and focus on your bankroll comfortably. You can make a lot from the online casinos if you are lucky enough. There are no parking fees, tolls and tears on the car. You can freely play your favourite game of yours and make real money.

  • Rewards and bonuses

There are some of the benefits given to the players at physical casinos. The guest is given free rooms, free food and something else which makes them have fun. On the flip side, online casinos have thousands of dollars hoping for players to make.

It is completely different. It is reliable, convenient, offers players the freedom to play, and most importantly, has additional opportunities to win the game. In addition, the rewards and bonuses help them to get right away and make a handsome amount of money.

What Is A Roulette Game, And What Will Be The Perfect Strategy To Win Big?

This is a worldwide famous casino game which is played by most the people today. Earlier, this was only played at the traditional casinos, but now you can enjoy it by sitting at your home just with the help of an internet connection.

This game has gained immense popularity because people got clear and easy convenience to play the game without going outside. As the game is available 24/7, and you can play from anywhere and at any time of your choice. This feature has added value to the game by attracting a large number of people to get connected for a longer time.

Along with this, the players should check different games which are available online and can select any of their choices. But they should visit genuine and trustworthy websites like w88, where there is a healthy and safe environment for players to play.

Top 5 Winning Strategies For Winning Roulette

Deciding on strategies for roulette is highly dependent on the style of your play in the game. One should check all the tips before starting a game so that no mistakes can be made at the time of playing.

So, here are going to be some of the top strategies for players who want to increase their chances of winning by having fun at roulette.

  • Focus On Basic Rules

This is considered as most important and the simplest rule to follow in roulette. One should never play the casino games unless you know all the rules and tricks involved in them. Especially the new players should take time to understand and get comfortable with the game to get better results.

Getting little learning every day will get you forwards towards the position of winning. Proper research and knowledge of the game are required to finish the game by getting things in your favour. This is highly beneficial by going slow in starting so that one can easily focus on following and learning the basic rules and guidelines of the game.

  • Go For Martingale System

This is a commonly used strategy which is used in roulette while playing online. In this strategy, every time when a player loses, he needs to increase his bet so that eventually, when he wins, you will get all your lost money with it.

By following this, the player can start the whole game again with the given amount. This is a highly effective way for the player to win the game even when he has lost his money back. Try to bet on the even-money outside bets to get more chances of winning.

  • Set Your Betting Limit

Every player needs to set a betting limit before starting their game so that he doesn’t end up paying all hid the money. This will help the player to manage the money he has and stop him from overspending on bets.

This is usually done when a player wins continuously two or more times, and now he wants to play again, but now is the chance that he may lose. So, unless the losing situation comes, the player should stop spending more money immediately and take the winning amount with him.

  • Always Take Free Trials Before

As doing practice is the best technique to win a game. As you know, you have to invest some amount of money in order to access a game but here are also some free trials which are available on the w88 website for players who are trying the game for the first time.

Practising free trials will boost your confidence and give you the courage to invest money in the game. Of course, taking risks by spending money is the overall outcome of the game, but here, the risk is worth taking at the time of winning.

  • Select The Right Game

You will be surprised to see that there are dozens of websites which have a variety of games available for their users. Furthermore, there are different variations and categories of games from which you can decide the game of your choice.

The right game will decide your chance of winning, as the player should do proper research on the type of game he will choose. You should make yourself aware of the game properly and once you are comfortable with it, choose the game to play and win.


There is no single tip which can lead your game towards winning, and you need to focus on each and every part of the game right from learning the basics so that a clear and firm game can take place. In contrast, the above strategies can become a fun way to follow and make sure to win the best odds of your game.

Winning At Roulette The House Edge

Wouldn’t it bet great if one these many winning roulette strategies you find onlinelike the martingales system actually worked. Imagine that as an alternative to using the bank or ATM you’d just pop into your local casino and win some cash for the weekend. Well there is one system that is actually very successful but unfortunately it’s being run by the casinos themselves. It’s based on a very simple concept known as the house edge.

It’s not some complicated progression system, it’s based on a very simple statistical advantage that will always triumph in the long run. So what is this advantage known as the house edge ? One good way of illustrating the advantage is as follows – suppose you placed a single chip on every number on a roulette wheel, that’s a total of 37 chips on 1-36 plus the zero. After the wheel has spun you would of course have selected the winning number and could collect your winnings. You would receive 35 chips plus your initial stake, so for a 37 chip bet you would receive 36 chips in return. Your loss is a single chip on that particular spin of the wheel.

This simple example illustrates the small but telling advantage that the casino has, the house edge. The numerical value of the house edge is equal to the probability of a single number being spun. The probability is 100 percent divided by the amount of numbers that are actually on the wheel. If we use a European roulette wheel this is expressed as 100/37 which equals 2.7%.

It actually doesn’t sound too much does it. The casino advantage in a game is only 2.7 percent, but despite being small it is the advantage that has help create all those fabulous casinos across the world. Of course this advantage is usually amplified somewhat by the average punter , erratic betting, too much champagne or just a gambling addiction can again alter these odds in the houses favour.

But the small statistical advantage is what makes roulette appeal to many professional gamblers , the odds are only minimally in the houses favour. This is what the various gambling strategies seek to exploit , by using a system to minimize this advantage and progressively accumulate small wins. The other popular but difficult tactic often combined with one of these strategies is that of identifying a bias in a particular roulette wheel. There are many stories in the roulette world of a bias in a particular wheel being identified. It actually doesn’t take much of a bias to tip the odds back in favour of the punter. Check at jet234 login.

Imagine you could identify a bias in a particular wheel, where two numbers didn’t get selected in a period of time. Eliminating those two numbers and betting against them would turn the house edge around, to a 2.7% punter edge! Of course spotting a real bias against a perceived bias are two completely different things.

One things for certain, if you’re playing for fun make sure there isn’t a programmed bias as well. If you’re playing online roulette, try to use an live online casino rather than a computer generated one.


The article includes strategies and examples that will help you understand the situation. Also, be cautious when playing online betting games, as they can be quite tricky. It necessitates strategy skills and experience; do not gamble if you do not expect adequate returns. Online roulette is a fun game though it should be played with proper measures.

Tips To Make You A Roulette Winner – Learn about them

Tips To Make You a Roulette Winner. Tips To Make You a Roulette Winner. Roulette is a game of strategies and tactics and without having the best possible tips and skills you are simply going to end up enriching those you play with. We treasure you and we want you and your money to remain one and the same thing, if anything we would very much love to see it that your money grows day by day. We are confident that the tips and pointers we are about to give you are nothing short of sublime when it comes to transforming you into the rookie you are into a real-life experienced professional to reckon with. Just for the sake of the record, we have to go ahead and make it succinctly clear that the tips and advice we are about to share with you guys apply to both versions of roulette available.

Yes, you can use them to place the most sound bets in both the American and as well as the European version. We hope you will enjoy the few tips we will be sharing with you and please bear with us and understand that due to space limitations we can not be able to share all the tips we have amassed over the many years we have been studying and analyzing this famous casino game. But then again you can always get more insightful, time-tested tips and tricks to enable you to win the big bucks. Perhaps the most important tip we have learned thus far is that you will be much better off when you play a roulette bet on the outside bets. Do not be tempted to make the big bets on the inside of the table as this can lead you to really making a huge loss before you have even gotten a chance to enjoy your self. This in turn brings us to a very important considerations that you always have to be considering as you approach a roulette table. Take time to learn the trend or pattern if you like that the table is leaning in favor of.

In other words, we are telling you to be keen and observant about the last ten or so outcomes and then bet on this particular outcomes being repeated more often than not. Actually, you will find this to be the corner stone of most of the viable and important systems that have enabled players to win massive amounts of money in the past, in the present and it continues to be used as we head into the future. Time after again we are always reiterating the need to strive more and more towards the understanding of the roulette game before you can begin playing with actual money. What are we saying? Simply put, we are saying that it is in your best of interest to keep on playing more and more games such that you slowly but surely become versed and familiar with all the intricacies that define it. What better place to gain the courage and confidence needed to form a champ like with free games? Yes, you can gain the skills and knowledge necessary by registering in any of leading on-line casinos and within 2 minutes you will get a golden chance to play roulette until you don’t want to play it no more and this will in turn go a long way in making you to enhance and improve your game.

The next tip is not only applicable to this type of casino game but it ought to come in handy for all the other casino games you play. Basically it involves you keeping in mind the amount of money you stated playing with and then making sure that you always set this amount aside no matter how much extra money you win. To give an example of this lets say you stated with 100 dollars and after a lucky streak a few hours later you realize that you now have 200 dollars. Do not be tempted to count your profit to be 200 dollars but subtract the original amount and be left with your winnings as 100 dollars only. This tip will help you to keep a much better track on how you are fairing on as you progress. As we had mentioned earlier, there are countless roulette tips and pointers we can list but the space we have been allocated simply won’t allow us to do this and therefore we want to take this chance to invite you into our official pages where you will learn so much more now. Good-luck! You can also check the reviews of the Mix Parlay for the selection of the best gambling games. The playing of the games is with correct and true information. The chances of winnings are high for the players on the online site. There is meeting of the needs and requirements of the gamblers.

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