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What is the La Primitiva lotto?

What is the La Primitiva Lotto? Or what is the El gordo de la primitive? If you do not know what the La Primitiva is, then let us take a look at the history. Most of the lottery games that we play today came from the country Spain where different gambling games are evident in the country and became part of their culture. Every two weeks, it became a tradition to the residents to join the La Primitiva. This El Gordo de la primitiva is the oldest lottery game where King Carlos the 3rd has introduced this game and started it during the 18th century with the objective to help his subjects live a life of convenience. Grandfather of all the Lotteries is what they have known of the El Gordo de la primitive. It is also known to be the Christmas fat one, the most popular lottery draw and an indication that the festive season is starting.

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Winning strategies by La Primitiva

You have the chance to win a very big amount of jackpot prize with up to two billion Euros fund payout of the largest worldwide La Primitiva Christmas Lottery. There are many times where identical winning lotto combination is won by several players and that very big jackpot prize will be shared by each winning players. This concludes that winning the La Primitiva is that easy. Thus millions of people have joined the game and that reaches for up to 97 percent of the population. Full tickets can be purchased as a billete for 200 Euros or in lay man’s term it is called the 10th of a ticket or the decimos.

The El Gordo de la primitive lotto became a traditional game. Also, at the San Ildefonso School, the Scholars sung the results and the prizes in public. Very popular that state radio and even television have their telecast 3 hours before the event starts. The event starts each year, in the morning of December 22. How the process of drawing is a bit technical and highest amount of prizes will be won by many players. Most of the fortunate winners donate part of their money to school children. People just can’t stop playing La Primitiva lottery because of its very high winning prize. Especially that the game is held days before Christmas where most players wanted to win the game to have a better celebration of the Christmas. Also, due to high rewards, group of players unite as a group to better help them in winning the lottery. The formation of groups is a perfect time to celebrate tradition with friends and acquaintances together. The El Gordo de la Primitiva is like the climax of the year. For those who love to gamble, their number one pick will be the El Gordo de La Primitiva among other lotto games. The reason for it is that the jackpot prize when compared to other lotto draws is bigger that it rises for up to 14 million Euros. The start of the –ber month (September) will be the opening preparation for the game. The questions like, “What is the La Primitiva lotto” or “What is the El Gordo de la Primitiva” will be answered easily by avid game players who is knowledgeable of what the La Primitiva is.


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