Gambling Industry: Major New Trends in 2023

Gambling has been a popular pastime for centuries, and the industry is now worth billions of dollars. In recent years, the gambling industry has seen significant technological advancements, resulting in new and innovative gambling methods. As we move into 2023, there are certain emerging trends that will shape the future of the gambling industry. WWG 77bet looks at these major new trends expected to revolutionise this sector in the coming years.

1. The rise of online gambling

The internet has drastically changed the way people gamble, with online casinos becoming increasingly popular with players around the world. This trend is expected to continue in 2023 as more people turn to online gaming platforms for their entertainment needs. Thanks to advances in technology, online casinos can now offer a much wider selection of games than traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, giving players more options for playing their favourite games. What’s more, many online casinos also offer bonuses and rewards for loyal customers, further enhancing their experience on these platforms.

2. Cryptocurrency payment options

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most popular payment methods for online transactions in recent years, and this trend is expected to gain even more momentum in 2023. Many leading gambling sites already offer cryptocurrency payment options such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, making it easier for players to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely without having to go through lengthy bank procedures or wait days for payments to be processed. In addition, cryptocurrencies allow users complete anonymity when making transactions, while providing an extra layer of security against fraud or scams often associated with other payment methods such as credit cards or wire transfers.

3. Growth in mobile gaming

Mobile gaming has become an integral part of our lives over the last decade, with millions of people downloading apps onto their mobile phones every day just so they can play their favourite games when they’re on the go or during a break from work/school/college, etc. It’s no surprise, then, that mobile gaming is expected to become even bigger in 2023, with gaming sites launching mobile-friendly versions of their existing games, as well as completely new titles designed specifically for smartphones/tablets/smart watches, etc. With the high-end graphics and cutting-edge technology being used by developers today, it won’t be long before mobile gaming overtakes desktop gaming altogether!

4 . Innovative technologies

Technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) being some of the key components that will revolutionise several industries, including gaming, by 2023. AR & VR will allow gamers to access fully immersive 3D worlds where they can interact with each other and explore different environments, while AI will allow them to gain insights into different aspects within these digital universes, allowing them to make better decisions while playing a game. These technologies also have applications outside of gaming, such as predictive analytics, which could help operators identify problem gamblers early and intervene appropriately.

5 . Regulation of the industry

Although legalised gambling exists in many parts of the world, only a handful of countries currently regulate the sector due to the potential risks associated with addiction and money laundering. However, regulations in this area are likely to increase significantly by 2023, particularly in relation to customer data protection, anti-money laundering laws, etc., ensuring that responsible practices are followed by operators worldwide and allowing governments to take appropriate action in the event of a breach.

6 . Emergence of Esports tournaments

Esports – i.e. competitive video gaming between professional gamers – has been growing in popularity over the past decade, but could become mainstream by 2023 thanks to the emergence of tournaments such as ESL One Cologne 2021, where top teams will compete head-to-head for huge cash prizes worth millions of dollars! This could open up a whole new market segment, catering to those interested in betting on eSports matches rather than playing them themselves – something that would benefit both organisations running events and operators looking to expand their customer base beyond traditional casino/sports betting customers.

7 . Responsible gambling initiatives

Despite strict regulations, the formalisation of responsible gambling initiatives is likely to take precedence within the industry from late 2022 / early 2023, given the frequency of addiction-related issues that have recently emerged in several countries. Such measures typically include setting minimum age limits based on local laws, promoting awareness campaigns about the dangers associated with excessive betting, implementing self-exclusion features to help individuals stay away from activities that cause harm either to themselves or others, etc., all of which should ensure a healthier environment for all involved in the sector and maintain its reputation as a ‘fair’ form of entertainment as we advance, where everyone engages in it responsibly.

8 . Improved customer experience

User experience always crucial aspect of any business but never truer than when it comes to gambling where customers expect fast loading times, smooth navigation coupled with interesting graphics to keep them engaged long enough to generate profits operator side time again! Consequently, companies operating within the space should focus heavily on delivering enhanced customer experiences using the latest technologies available such as HTML5 and cloud computing to avoid frustration as the same person may try numerous sites in the same evening, factoring into their decision whether or not to return next time!

Overall, there have been some exciting developments within the gambling industry, which are predicted to occur come 2023, although it is too early to speculate on the exact nature of any changes, then we will certainly look forward to seeing the results once they occur, seeing how far the sector has evolved since its inception centuries ago!


Viola Bonfiglio is fond of playing casino games both online and offline. When not playing, Viola loves to write while drinking coffee. She also owns some micro business across Atlanta.

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