Pirates Make Waves At The Casino

Something about pirates has intrigued people for generations. The stories of men who go off to sea in search of buried treasure with parrots on their shoulders, courageously living outside of the law have been passed down in children’s storybooks, movies, and more.

There is a great deal of speculation about why pirates are so appealing to the imagination of society. Many believe a great deal of the allure comes from the defiance of the societal norms and resisting the restrictions of their modern bureaucracy. The rebellion created a feeling of mystery in the imaginations of the storytellers.

There have been a few major names that have been very influential in creating the modern perception of the pirate. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson greatly popularized the stereotypical mannerisms of the modern perception of pirates. The original novel, Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, also contributed a great deal towards popularizing certain aspects of pirate life, such as the idea of ‘walking the plank’. The Pirates of Penzance, an operetta, is also believed to be inspired by aspects of the famous character Jack Sparrow.

Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest from Virgin Games

Taking the excitement from the imagery of pirates and combining it with online gaming, Interwin88 slot games along with Virgin Games have developed an exciting game known as Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest. Like the pirates of the days of yesteryear, players seek to find their own treasure by spinning the reels and trying their luck.

The slots accept coins between 1p and 1 pound. This allows for people of all experience levels to be able to jump in; after all, only 1 p is needed to get started! Players can also participate in up to 15 lines at a time, and they can receive a payout of up to 10,000 coins. It is easy to adjust the bet per line, players can simply click the arrows to increase or decrease the bet.

To help make the game even more exciting, there are a few bonus rounds offered to players. The Treasure Quest Bonus Round begins when three or more Treasure Quest Bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels. This bonus allows players to try and earn free spins as well as a bonus multiplier for the Free Spins Bonus Round. Players begin on a map and they click an ‘X’. This ‘X’ may reveal to them a new number of free spins, a higher multiplier value, or an advance arrow that will take the player to the next island. Once the player has reached the end of the picks, they will be shown all the treasure chests they missed, and then be taken to the Free Spin Bonus Round, where they will be able to take the extra bonus spins they earned.


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